Social Media Management


In today’s business world social media is an urgent and unavoidable extension of your PR strategy. Consumers are no longer dictated to but have become ambassadors of your service be it great or not so great.

LuOme Consulting will help you:

  • Create content relevant to your brand message
  • Set up and manage various social platforms
  • Respond and engage your audience
  • Analyse responses to create driven solutions
  • Publish & curate communication platforms for Your brand
  • Identifying & work with your brand ambassadors

Community Management:

LuOme will also expand to non-official platforms ensuring that the brand is well represented. This will be done through publishing of content that creates conversation and expose activities that reinforce the brand position. Allowing our community members share their personal stories sets the brands as an authentic brand that is “owned” by the people it serves.

  • Who are we targeting - demographics
  • How do we speak to them
  • What media do they consume

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